Finally… Living the MBA life…

Before coming for an MBA at Tepper, I was apprehensive of tiring days and long nights. However, Mini 1 didn’t seem as tough as feared. Mini 2 was good too. Mini 3 has turned out to be the actual MBA experience I came looking for. Club activities, Classes, Assignments, Recruiting and Networking. Balancing these 5 elements at MBA is the ultimate skill you can aim for. I am satisfied to see myself progressing in this direction.

One of the most satisfying experiences has been getting the roles that I planned to take at Tepper before coming here. Robber Barons, the weekly student magazine at Tepper, seemed fun ever since I read about it. Now that I take on the chief-editor’s role, I am living a part of my Tepper dream. Similarly, while watching the International Festival 2013 video on YouTube before coming to Tepper, I looked at the emcees and imagined myself hosting the show for the coming year. So far, it looks like it’s going to come true too. I am also involved in the Welcome Weekend committee which is really exciting as I missed out on my Welcome Weekend, being in India. I remember posting a comment on Facebook before the 2013 Welcome Weekend – “Guys, please take a lot of pictures and share with us so that we know what is happening during the Welcome Weekend”. Guess what, that’s what I am going to do in this event. I am going to make sure that all those students who cannot attend the event get a lot of updates, pictures and videos from the event so that they can be a part of it too. I see a lot of my what-if plans and ideas taking shape in the form of actual responsibilities at Tepper. It’s extremely satisfying to say the least.

This experience has made one thing very clear – MBA is not a magic wand. You come here with skills and interests that you have developed for 25-30 years of your life. During the MBA, More than developing new skills and interests, you learn how to transfer them to different environments. And that makes me believe that MBA is more of a transition than a regeneration.

I have finally begun to immerse myself completely in the MBA life and am sure that despite the challenges, it is going to be a terrific experience!


Mini 3 – Intern(al-friend)ship search!

Over the past 7-8 months, I have realized that every mini comes with a characteristic. Every mini can be labeled with a single word. Mini 1 was all about the ‘Learning’. Beginning of everything. New friendship, new place, new people. Learning at every stage. Mini 2 was all about ‘Applying’. More than applying knowledge, it was about applying yourself. Applying yourself to set and get goals. Applying yourself to surge ahead, applying yourself to differentiate yourself.

Mini 3, the toughest mini according to many MBA students at Tepper, is all about the ‘Search’. Searching yourself, searching a place for yourself, searching for ways to attain your goals, searching for answers for the failure that you encounter.
And if you ask first year students for the one word that describes Mini 3, they will say – Internship Search.

But I have realized that it is the most important time of the first year at MBA not because of its importance in the internship search process but because how it separates men from boys and pushes them to endure and continue. This mini can be extremely exhausting and taxing; it can give you sudden joy and break your dreams the next moment. It can motivate you to reach for the sky and before you know leave you on the ground searching for reasons for the great fall. And that’s why this mini is also about how you back yourself, how you motivate yourself, how you bounce back, how you emerge from ashes, how good a friend you are of yourself… This mini which is all about Internship Search is also about Internal Friendship search.

I know for sure that the people who will come out of this phase with flying colors are those who have a great friend rooting for them inside themselves. I wish everyone a great intern(al-friend)ship. Go and find one and the success will follow.