Mini 2 – Diwali Party – Mid-Terms – Thanksgiving

If Mini 1 went like a breeze, Mini 2 is passing like a hailstorm. It’s cold, it’s harsh, it’s fast!

After one month of gap, here comes a mega update with all the events from Mini 2.

Within a week of commencement, mini 2 had people overwhelmed with classes, assignments, networking events and interview preparation. Thanks to the consulting club at Tepper, I can track my growth in terms of interview preparation. It requires significant effort and diligence though.

Some of the people have also been found to be frustrated by the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day… 

Out of all the subjects in Mini 2, Operations and Optimization are my favorite so far. Not because I am from Tepper and I like Quant heavy subjects. Because, I am from Tepper and there are some of the best faculty here in those subjects. You might say what is the difference. There is! Finance is interesting but other than professor’s jokes in the class, there is little that people understand in his class. 

Diwali Party: Recently, we had a Diwali party at professor Kekre’s house. It is one of the most awaited events at Tepper and people fall over each other to make it to the event. The popularity of the event can be judged by this simple fact: when the registration for the event opened, 100 tickets were sold out in 10-15 seconds. People were waiting with a stop watch for the link to be activated. Yes, true story! I didn’t have to worry about it as I was performing in the event. Unfortunately, there is a limit to the number of people who can attend it and many of our classmates missed out on this event. We had cultural events with food, drinks, firecrackers and dance in the party.

Mid-Terms: In Mini 2, the mid-term comes before you even learn how to spell the name of some of the professors. We just finished with our mid-term exams. Now if some of you are wondering how does an exam in MBA course looks like, as I used to wonder, let me give you a brief overview: all the exams are pen and paper exams. Most of the subjects are Quantitative, so you will have numerical problems that you will solve on the question paper(with white spaces for answers) itself. Some of the subjects are purely theoretical such as ‘Managing People and Teams’, ‘Corporate Strategy’ etc. for which you will have to either write a case analysis paper or will have to submit regular assignments that are graded. For such subjects, there are no exams. Right now, out of 5 subjects this mini, we have exams for 3 subjects.

Thanksgiving break: Two days from now, we will have a 5-day break for Thanksgiving and before we could start giving-thanks to our stars for such a timely break, we have realized that the resumes for internship positions are due from 1st week of December. Now that means a number of hours in resume preparation and cover letter writing. Nevertheless, Thanksgiving break will help us focus on our internship related work. 

Hopefully, thanksgiving break will also give me a chance to share something outside of the regular stuff about Tepper on this blog. Looking forward to it.