Mini 1: Well begun is 1/8th done!

Mini 1, the monster… Mini 1 the Max of the all the Minis… Mini 1 the first and the mightiest blow that will make you stronger… Mini 1 the….

I don’t remember why but before coming to Tepper these metaphors couldn’t even begin to describe the devil that Mini 1 was hoped to be.

Thankfully, all of it was exaggerated. A week back, Mini 1 ended with cheers and smiles all around. After the last exam, everyone looked as happy as guests in a wedding. I am not sure if the smiles were for the easy questions that were asked, the end of exams or the party in the evening!

If you ask me how do I feel after completing 1/8th of my course, I would say – I don’t think I have mastered the subjects like Economics and Accounting, but I now I can understand the jargon (some say that’s what MBA’s are supposed to do). I don’t think I have developed a knack for business strategy, but I can now form an opinion about why a company did something that it did. Not bad after 3 months of MBA!

Right now there is a break and people are on various treks – consulting, finance, business and technology, marketing etc. I didn’t go to the trek, not because I am yet to figure out what I want to do but because I felt the thing that I wanted to do would be helped much better if I stayed back and worked on my interviewing skills. So far, it hasn’t looked like a bad decision.

Mini 2 is supposed to start next week. I can’t wait to attend Professor Kekre’s class. During the base camp, even in a short session he got people excited about ‘operations’. It would be nice to see him in action. If there is one professor that I feel I can mimic the best, it would be him. I just hope I don’t notice his mannerisms so much that I miss what he is saying!

Mini 2 should be a bit different. With little networking that we were supposed to do during Mini 1, it was more about getting good grades. With the networking that we are supposed to do with alums and prospective employers while working on our interviewing skills in the next 2 months, I am sure Mini 2 will take the focus away from grades for some of us (some would say it applied to them in Mini 1 itself!).

Whatever happens, nothing can beat this feeling of getting through mini 1 with good grades (yes, we got the grades!). And right now, people are celebrating the glory by either meeting and partying in Boston, New York, Seattle and other trek locations or having a relaxed time in Pittsburgh; nobody’s complaining! 🙂